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IAC Homeowners Association

We have a five member board. Board members are elected to a three year term by the homeowners at the Annual Meeting in January. The terms are staggered so that one or two terms expire each year. The Board is responsible for all decisions made between the annual meetings regarding the Homeowners’ Association, the facility, the budget, and rules and regulations.

We have official by-laws and official rules and regulations (developed by the Board). The Rules and Regulations are posted in the Documents section of this website. If you do not have copies, contact Chris Noll at Ardsley Management,

Association Management

We have contracted with Ardsley Management Company to provide management support for our Homeowners Association and our facility. Chris Noll represents Ardsley. Feel free to contact him with questions or concerns. Carl Smith is an IAC Homeowners’ Association employee and is on location forty hours per week providing maintenance and custodial support.

Ardsley Management 253-1401
Chris Noll direct line 259-0383 Ext. 230
Carl Smith 281-6540


If you park in your assigned space and have your hang tag visible, you won’t be towed. If you park in someone else’s space, that resident is authorized to have you towed. If someone is in your space, if Carl is here, contact him. He can help. If after hours or on weekends, you may call Ardsley for assistance if needed. If the car owner is displaying an IAC hang tag, it would be courteous to check with the owner prior to calling for a tow.

If you leave your vehicle for more than 15 minutes at the Vermont entry way, you become eligible for a tow. Tows happen! Parking is not permitted in the alley. The police department patrols the alley fairly often and will ticket illegal parking.

The towing company is Interstate/Delaware & South Towing, 359-9611. Several of us have learned the hard way exactly where they are located.


We do live downtown and there are a lot of people walking around whom we do not know. We have security cameras and are looking into getting several more.

Security rule #1: Don’t let anyone in the building whom you do not know. Don’t be embarrassed to ask them who they are and why they are here.

Security rule #2: The Board requires that the entry codes should be protected and not distributed indiscriminately. The Board will change the entry codes on a periodic basis.

Security rule #3: Know who is at the door before you buzz them in. You can turn on your TV to channel 2 and see who is at both the Vermont and Meridian Street doors. Refer back to rule #1.

Security rule #4. Be sure the door closes securely after you enter the building. (This is especially important with the Vermont Street door on windy days when the wind may prevent the door from closing.)

If you see something untoward going on in the park, call the War Memorial Desk, 233-9976, or the Capital City Police, 232-3142. Of course, you can always call the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department 327-3811—or 911 if it is an actual emergency.

Social Events

The Social Life Action Committee keeps busy planning social events for our community. Bike rides, happy hours, progressive dinners—they are all on the planning calendar. Watch for announcements of the next event in the mail room or via the website or email. The social activities are a great way to get to know your neighbors.

The Fitness Facilities

You are welcome to use the fitness facilities—the basketball court, the fitness center, the racquetball and squash courts, and the golf simulator area. Racquetball and squash courts are in the annex—1st and 3rd floors (actually the 2nd floor but the second floor of the annex is labeled the third floor. Go figure!) The light switches for the gym are just outside the gym next to Unit 206. The basketballs are locked in the closet just to the right as you enter the gym. Your trash key will open the lock. The golf simulator is located on the first floor opposite the side entrance to the fitness center.

Basketball gym hours are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Squash and racquetball hours are 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The fitness center is available all 24 hours, but please keep the TV sound low at night. The fitness center is locked 24/7. Your trash key will open the door.

You can bring in a limited number ofguests to participate with you in any of the fitness facilities, but keep in mind that the Board requires that a homeowner or resident be present at all times. Always leave the facility in order, replace the weights or basketballs Be sure the lights are turned off. If any of the fitness equipment malfunctions, report it to Chris Noll with a copy to Jeff Miller, Board Representative on the Fitness Committee. If you wish to reserve one of the facilities, contact Chris at Ardsley. Please see our rules and regulations for details regarding rules for reserving and using the fitness facilities.

Instructions for the golf simulator are located in the room; however, if you have any questions or would like a tutorial on usage, please contact Jeff Miller.

Dog Owners

If you are a dog owner, we know that you, and all of our other dog owners, love your dogs. Just be considerate. Not everyone shares your fondness for the canine species. The Board requires dogs to be on a leash when in the building. Dogs are also required to be under the control of the owner while in the park. Never leave your condo without a plastic bag for clean-up—that includes the sidewalks and the grassy areas in the park. In the interest of good relationships with your neighbors, always clean up your dog’s messes anywhere they happen. Keep in mind that one inconsiderate dog owner gives a black eye to all the conscientious dog owners. Don’t be the dog owner who causes that to happen.

Dogs are required to use the west elevator and the Vermont Street entrance.

Those Smoke Alarms!

You will notice several smoke alarms in your ceiling. If one starts squawking intermittently, your battery needs to be replaced. Nine volt batteries are required. When the smoke detector smells smoke, you will know it. The only way to shut it off is to get the smoke out of the air. Open your windows, turn on your ventilation fans, wave towels under the smoke alarm, but first be sure you know where the smoke is coming from.

The fire alarm system in the building will also wake you up. A man will be telling you to vacate the building. When the fire alarm goes off, it is really a good idea to vacate the building. It might be a false alarm. It could also be a real fire. The fire department always shows up when the fire alarm is activated. They will let us know what is happening and when it is safe to re-enter the building.

Roof Deck

There is a deck on the roof for our enjoyment. You get to it using the west stairwell on the ninth floor. We are not permitted to leave our personal equipment and supplies (and trash) on the deck. Because of fire marshal concerns, access is limited for the fourth of July fireworks show. A subcommittee is currently developing plans for deck furniture and a green roof.

Shut Offs

There are emergency shut offs for each condo unit—electricity, water, including the sprinklers, and gas (if you have it.) Ask Carl to give you a “shut off” tour. You don’t need to know where the shut offs are, unless you have an emergency!

Trash Disposal

If you don’t already know, ask someone on your floor –or Carl—where to dispose of your trash. The chute is located behind the door next to the west elevator in the main building. You will need a key, which you can get by contacting Ardsley. Don’t put items in the chute, such as larger cardboard boxes, that are likely to stop up the chute. If you live in the annex, you will need to carry your trash to the same floor in the main building.

There is a dumpster at the bottom of the ramp in the parking garage under the building which is there for items too large to fit in the trash chute. Take the elevator to the basement and the dumpster will be on your left as you exit the basement lobby into the garage.

The Rathee children in A 301 have instituted a very nice recycling service. For a very reasonable weekly fee, they will pick up your recyclables every Saturday morning. You can contact Ranee Rathee at 695-8776.


Most of the package delivery people (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) can access the building and will leave your packages at your door. The post office will leave your packages in one of the larger boxes in the mail room and will put a key to the box in your mail box. For even larger boxes they generally will leave it at your door, although occasionally they leave you a note to come and get it at the post office one block up the street.

Storage Units

There are storage units of various sizes in the basement. They are available for lease. If you are interested in leasing one of the units, talk to Chris Noll regarding the details. You must own a unit before you store your stuff in it.

Document Section of Our Website

Each document stored on our website is tagged by category. Thus, you can click on IAC Board to view all the posted Board documents, Fitness Action Committee to view the Fitness Action Committee reports, etc. Hopefully this will be helpful to you in keeping up with IAC activities of particular interest. (You are required to be an IAC homeowner or resident and also be registered on this website in order to access the Documents section.)


The Bronze doorway surround, as well as the carved limestone surround and the center window above (all one design element), is a copy of the main entry of the Venice Palace in Rome. It was designed by the most famous architect in Italy at the time named Alberti who died in 1472. The Meridian Street unit is a copy of that entry which still stands at Piazza Venezia in Rome today. Tourists come from all over the world to see that building.

That Roman building is the first Renaissance civil building in Rome. It was a residence for many Popes and all the ambassadors from Venice for hundreds of years.

The designers of the Athletic Club chose to copy it as it was considered the zenith of great design from the past. They were also picking up on the fact that all famous people from historic Rome entered the building at one point or another. They were creating an extension of that idea of importance in Indianapolis.

Other Historical Notes**

Construction of the Indianapolis Athletic Club was begun in 1921. The Renaissance Revival architecture was designed by Robert Daggett who designed many buildings in Indy, the closest one is just to our south, the Chamber of Commerce Building. Move in came in 1924.

Obvious by the title, Indianapolis Athletic Club, athletics have played a huge role, especially swimming. IAC sent many swimmers to the Olympics. In fact, by the early 1950’s the swimming program here was one of the largest in the country, also offering diving, water ball sports, life saving and water ballet.

The IAC was known for its political (especially Democratic) connections.

On February 5, 1992, fire broke out on the third floor with the origin being faulty wiring in a refrigerator. Before the night was out, one guest and two firefighters were killed. That is why, every year during the St. Patrick’s Day parade, a large battalion of firemen stop in front of our building, turn in formation, and hold a salute before marching on.

The Downtown Indianapolis Rotary Club and its’ offices were here in this building for thirty years.

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